In this survival horror 3D episodic videogame full of symbolism and mysticism, you play as Alma Guerrero, a young girl that is looking for her lost grandma, but suddenly get trapped into a cloister, time stops and gloom envelopes everything, you are alone in the darkness, and your only chance to get out, is to follow the advice of a mysterious talking cat to find 10 keys of the main gate. This search will take you to discover and experience firsthand, over 50 of the most terrifying tales of ancient Mexico.

The Cloister symbolizes a midpoint between life and death. If you get out, you discover that you actually had fallen into a coma and you were looking for the way back to life, this is why you will also find good spectra that encourage you to keep forward, TO NEVER GIVE UP ON LIFE. These spectra are the dead relatives of the developers (as it marks our Mexican tradition of day of the Dead).

In "Dark Tales From Mexico", every element, every stone, every character, every ornament, every space and every hidden thing, they have a reason for being, a concept, a symbolism, an ancient history or a tradition behind them that deserves to be recovered and transmitted. Thus, the experience of the game, besides scares you, becomes a constant and magical discovery of beautiful meanings.


All spectra that lurks you into the Cloister, have been sculpted and hand painted in epoxy clay, later to be scanned in 3D and placed within the game.

Dark Tales From Mexico seeks to open a great framework to show to the world, the magnificent Mexican art, thats why we have invited artist from various areas of the Mexican art world, to feature their works inside the symbolic framework of the Mexican horror legends and tales.


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To any Mexican artist (or who feels like it), with works of themes related to TERROR, to include his work in the video game Dark Tales from México.